Speargun Shaft

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Having spare parts for your gun or sling is the only way to assure you won't get skunked on a spear fishing trip. Don't let a bad spear shaft keep you back on the beach or boat while others are landing trophy fish. The Salvimar Laser Blade Shaft with a superior strength is dedicated for big game hunting". The new fixing laser technology, for shark fins, increase shaft performance without changing its technical features. The shaft is made from 174ph stainless steel is 6.5mm (0.26") diameter.

Salvimar Shaft Laser Blade, SS 174 Ph Features

Salvimar Shaft Laser Blade
Stainless Steel 174 Ph Shaft
3-4 Shark Fins
A Must for the Serious Spear Fishermen
Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
Available in Multiple Lengths:
130cm, 150cm
Spear Point: Single Flopper Barb with Pointed Tip
New Fixing Laser Technology: Shark Fins
Technology: Increase Performance w/o Changing Technical Features
Smooth Notched Shafts Used with Dyneema Wishbones